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    Welcome to Leo's

    A playground for the whole family!

    Our mission is to create an adventurous environment where kids can play, explore, and grow – and of course, create happy and unforgettable moments for families all over the world! Leo’s is a place where play is the focus, and kids can run, jump, climb, and let loose. Our passion is to inspire an active lifestyle through play and adventure, and get kids moving more.

    Where did it all start?

    Back in 2006, we had a simple idea: to create a place where families could come together and enjoy the joy of play and movement. It turned out to be a perfect formula, and today Leo’s is the largest indoor adventure park chain in the Nordics, with nearly 50 locations and its sights set on Europe.

    We know that a visit to Leo’s can be much more than just a fun day out. It can be a source of exercise and joy, or a lifelong memory of a fun day. Together with our dedicated team, we work every day to make children’s dreams come true and get kids moving.

    Leo’s is part of Leo’s Group together with HopLop. The playcenter chain has a total of 65 facilities in the Nordics and Germany.

    Story behind Leo's

    Better future

    At Leo’s, we’re all about providing an awesome play experience for kids, but we’re also passionate about helping them have a brighter future. We know that kids these days don’t get enough exercise, and we’re proud to make physical activity fun and natural. We offer exciting activities that encourage running, playing, climbing, and tumbling, making sure kids get the exercise they need.

    A playground for both visitors and employees

    Our values are the core of everything we do. We’re a company that believes in doing things the right way, and our values guide everything we do. From the top down, we’re committed to creating a positive experience for everyone who interacts with our company, whether they’re a guest or an employee.

    At Leo’s, we have one simple goal: to be the best indoor adventure park in the world. We do this by creating huge parks that are packed with fun activities, providing exceptional experiences that focus on cleanliness, safety, and service, and assembling a fantastic team of dedicated employees who are ready to make every visit unforgettable.

    Where would be a fun place to party?

    Choose your nearest Leo’s Playland, or the one you like the most, and let’s get the party started! Make a reservation easily online and our skilled staff will take care of everything. Fun and easy!

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