• The joy of movement for every child

    Camps and sports clubs at Leo's

    At Leo’s, we move through play and play while moving! Every day from morning till night. But wait, there’s more! During summer and winter breaks, Leo hosts fun camps where days fly by with friends. Throughout the year, we also organize sports clubs where joy matters more than achievement.

    Summer Camp

    The summer’s coolest camp is here! Get ready for four carefree, joy-filled vacation days packed with excitement. Let’s play, move around, laugh, and have a blast together with Leo and some new buddies.

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    Sport Kidz

    Discover sports and physical activity through play! Over eight energetic sessions, kids get moving with our super-friendly instructors and try out various sports such as handball, floorball, gymnastics, climbing, dance, and ball games.

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    Winter Camp

    Coolest winter camp ever! Three action-packed vacation days at Leo’s Sports Arena, packed with exciting stuff. Kids get to try out various sports with our skilled instructors. Expect bike slaloms, parkour, different ball handling, and all sorts of fun!

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    Let's Play!

    At Leo's Playland, we move while playing and play while moving! Buy your tickets cheaper online and book your play time at the same time. Just choose a day and time that suits you, fill in your details and pay conveniently online. Everything is done at once, saving time and money.

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