• The joy of movement and new skills!

    Sport Kidz

    Coming in Fall 2024

    Hop into Leo’s jungle and bounce into ball games, zip from one sport to another, groove with dance and gymnastics, and have a blast! Sports Kidz is a lively weekly sports club designed for 4-7-year-old kids.

    The next session of Sports Kidz will be held in autumn 2024. Join Leo’s & HopLop Family, and we’ll give you a heads-up when registration for the club opens so you can join the fun with a skip and a hop!

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    Eight action-packed club hours.

    Sport Kidz is a fun and lively sports club where kids get to try out numerous sports under the guidance of skilled instructors. Every week, we explore a new sport. There are 8 different themes (each lasting 45 minutes), and on the last week, we even embark on a treasure hunt adventure. Joining us are talented and enthusiastic instructors, along with plenty of new friends! Psst… You can also come to Leo’s before or after the club session to freely roam and play.

    Sports Kidz is all this and more!

    Eight Sports Kidz hours packed with play and exercise, new friends and fun instructors. Laughter, team spirit and amazing adventures!

    Good to know about Sports Kidz

    Skilled instructors encourage, so that children get excited!

    Our instructors are highly trained in working with children and in keeping them moving. They focus on each child individually, providing positive encouragement and celebrating their successes. However, they also never forget the importance of organization, which ensures safe play and movement.

    Each instructor has their own group of children. The instructor is responsible for the children for the entire duration of the club session. This way, we can ensure that both children and parents feel safe and comfortable, and can paw-stomp their way into new adventures!

    Sport Kidz Activities: Try Everything!

    Every week we explore a new sport! There are 8 different themes (45 minutes each), and on the last week we’ll also sniff out a treasure hunt.

    Week 1 – Football

    • Let’s play ball and develop new skills! We’ll run, jump, dodge, throw, learn balance, and practice passing and scoring goals! Finally, we’ll have a fun football match.

    Week 2 – Gymnastics

    • Let’s bend and twist! We’ll stretch and tumble, practice coordination, agility, and accuracy. And we’ll try some backward movements too!

    Week 3 – Floorball

    • Speed and excitement! Let’s learn how to handle a stick, move the ball, and pass skillfully to a friend. Then we’ll play and have fun!

    Week 4 – Athletics

    • Let’s make some noise! We’ll jump, leap, run, learn body control and agility. We’ll try different sports together with friends.

    Week 5 – Handball

    • They say handball is the fastest ball game in the world! So let’s go: we’ll run, jump, throw, pass, practice scoring and play together with friends.

    Week 6 – Obstacle Course

    • Out of the way, here we come! Ahead lies a challenging course where we’ll have adventures in a free style, playing and jumping. At the end of the day, we’ll conquer the volcano!

    Week 7 – Cycling

    • Let’s get pedaling! We’ll cycle around the track and dodge cones. Skills, balance, and coordination will develop without even noticing! During the lesson, we’ll also practice traffic rules.

    Week 8 – Dance and Treasure Hunt

    • Let’s learn some moves! We’ll practice simple and fun dances that also develop coordination and motor skills. Then we’ll go on a treasure hunt! At the end of the lesson, Leo will give each child a gold medal and a diploma for excellent participation in Sport Kidz!