• Jump, Play, and Have Fun!

    Valo Jump

    ValoJump is a unique trampoline game that combines the joy of jumping with the excitement of gaming. Grab tokens at the counter, step onto the trampoline, and dive into a world of games where only your imagination sets the limits! ValoJump offers you the opportunity to experience the joy of jumping in a whole new way. In this game, you are the hero, and with your jumps, you can progress through the game, collect points, and conquer challenges. Jumping on the trampoline and having fun seamlessly merge during the game.

    What age group is Valo Jump suitable for?

    Valo Jump is the perfect activity for trampoline enthusiasts of all ages. It enhances agility, coordination, and provides unforgettable experiences. Additionally, it’s a fun way to exercise and spend time with friends and family.

    Tons of fun activities!

    Where to even start? There's so much fun stuff to do, my paws are already itching! Let's climb a volcano, slide down a waterfall, take over a pirate ship, move, play and have adventures!