• Pirate party

    Birthdays at Leo's

    Pirate themed party

    Hoist the sails and put on your eye patch – welcome to our Pirate Party! Here, the birthday boy or girl and all their friends can celebrate their birthday among pirates.

    Pirate room

    Ahoy, mateys! Step aboard our Pirate Party Room and feel like a real buccaneer. The walls be decked with treasure maps, pirate flags, and other swashbuckling details that will take your little scallywags on a high-seas adventure.

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    More info about the party room

    An hour of pure fun
    Your party room time is 1 hour, which you can spend freely enjoying the party atmosphere. At birthday parties, the play time, including the room time, is four hours. You can arrive at the park before the room time if you wish, and you can stay and play in the park after the room time. Your arrival time will be announced when you make your reservation.

    Pre-set catering
    The chosen catering is pre-set in the room (excluding ice cream cake, if it is included in the package). You can focus on enjoying the party, because the catering is ready and waiting for you!

    Freedom to play and feast
    You can leave the party room to play in the adventure park and return to feast. You can freely enjoy the party and play!

    Themed background music
    The party rooms play themed background music to create the right atmosphere for the party.

    You can find this party room in these parks.

    1. TURKU

      Peronkatu 40, 20520 Turku, Finland

    2. PORI

      Paanakedonkatu 16 18, 28100 Pori, Finland

    3. TAMPERE

      Sellukatu 8, 33400 Tampere, Finland

    4. LAHTI

      Paussi 1, 15680 Lahti, Finland

    5. ESPOO

      Sinimäentie 20, 02180 Espoo, Finland


    Book quickly & easily online

    Booking a birthday party at Leo’s is easy and convenient. When making a reservation, you can choose the most important things – the park, the party time, a cool theme room and delicious catering with additional options. When you’re done, you’ll get a confirmation email and you can invite all your friends! If you don’t have a Family account, we’ll create one for you when you make your reservation!

    Book quickly & easily online