• Dream Birthday with ice cream cake & Hot Dogs

    Dream Birthday at Leo's

    The birthday hero is in for a perfect party package! Enjoy delicious treats in a themed room of the hero’s choice during the adventure. Hot dogs and the popping of popcorn create a festive atmosphere, and an ice cream ball cake crowns the snack moment. Raise a glass to the hero with juice or water! After the treats, head for the fast-paced adventures in the play area.

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    Party pack full of fun!

    Playing and having fun works up an appetite! Everyone loves hot dogs and ice cream, and it will give you the energy to keep going. The ice cream and hot dog party includes:

    A wild and fun birthday at Leo's!

    Leo’s offers an amazing setting for an action-packed dream birthday party. Just choose your favorite birthday package, party room, and invite all your friends – we’ll take care of the rest! You don’t have to worry about anything, no hassle, no cleaning, no fuss. And when the birthday comes, everything is ready for the birthday boy or girl and the party guests!

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