• Grab some tips for your adventure day!

    For the first time at Leo's?

    Is it time for your first visit to Leo’s? Whether you’re taking along a toddler, the whole family, or your grandchildren, here are some tips to make your first visit smooth and enjoyable.

    Who's Leo's suited for?

    Leo’s is the perfect place for kids of all ages who love to play, move, and have fun. For older kids, there are thousands of square meters filled with exciting activities, while in the little ones’ area, Leo’s City has everything suitable for the smallest adventurers – slides, climbing frames, and mini ball pits. Of course, strollers are allowed throughout the play area.

    At Leo’s, there’s plenty to do and lots of exercise for kids of all ages. Playing also helps develop motor skills and coordination. We strongly believe in the joy of play, and at Leo’s, there’s plenty of it!

    Adventure starts online

    Buy playtime online in advance and score amazing benefits! You secure your spot in the playground and get tickets at a discounted price – no extra fees per child.

    Of course, tickets can also be purchased at the counter, but with an online reservation, you can comfortably choose the most suitable time and day for you. Remember, the price varies depending on the day and time. Once the choice is made, there are many hours of play, fun, and adventure ahead!

    We're open every day

    When booking playtime, it’s worth considering when would be the best time for you to head out for some fun. On weekends, Leo’s offers lively entertainment for the whole family, and holidays and special occasions are perfect for letting loose. But why not drop by on a Tuesday evening instead of your usual workout or after preschool hours – it’s weekday luxury at its finest!

    What all can you do at Leo's?

    Oh boy, there’s just so much going on at Leo’s! In Leo’s jungle, there’s a ton of activities where kids can climb, run, and jump – all while honing their motor skills and coordination. Scale a volcano, encounter pirates on a pirate ship, or descend down a waterfall – guaranteed fun!

    You can climb the giant volcano that rises in the middle of the play area. Reach the top and enjoy the magnificent view before sliding down the slide.

    Trampolines are a blast for everyone, no matter the age. Round up your buddies and family for some pom-pom bouncing! Who jumps the highest?

    The ball pit is always a hit year after year – kids just can’t get enough of it!

    There are slides of all kinds and for all ages. Tiger slide, Zebra slide, Waterfall – and if you’re feeling competitive, try the Racing Slide! Who’s the fastest in the jungle?

    On the bike track, kids can practice cycling no matter the season.

    At the sports arena, you can try soccer, basketball, and floorball. Challenge your family and friends or try out new ball games. And if you’re keen, you can also join fast-paced sports clubs where kids try out different sports once a week!

    What to wear to Leo's?

    We’re going all out with the fun here! Jumping, bouncing, and running around, so comfy clothes are key. Leave those fanciest outfits at home and dress casually. Don’t forget your socks too – they’re a must-have for all visitors, even the grown-ups. If you’ve forgotten your socks, no worries, you can grab some at Leo’s Store. What color will you choose?

    What can an adult do at Leo's?

    Leo’s offers plenty of fun for the whole family! And of course, adults should have fun too. Join in on the kids’ games and let your inner child shine. Children love to see their parents playing, and playing together is even more fun. Forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in adventure. Leo’s jungle is the perfect destination for a family outing and shared activities.

    If the kids’ energy sometimes leaves you breathless, don’t worry – it’s totally okay to take it easy. We have comfortable sofas where you can watch the kids play and enjoy coffee and treats. The bistro also has Wi-Fi, so you can attend a Teams meeting if needed while the kids play. The most important thing is that the whole family has a good time!

    What if we get hangry?

    No worries, Leo’s Bistro has treats for every taste. Recharge with a Jungle Meal, salad, or wrap – these’ll fill you up and fuel your playtime.

    If you’re craving something delicious, Leo’s slush is the perfect choice. It’ll cool you down nicely after some adventurous fun.

    With mobile ordering, Leo’s Bistro is even more convenient! You can order food directly from your phone, even in the midst of playtime. Pick your treats, place your order, and get back to playing – we’ll handle the cooking. We’ll send you a text when your order’s ready. Welcome to Leo’s Bistro!