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    Leo leaps into Tripla!

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    Now is not the time to tiptoe or dawdle, but to stomp into the race at full speed. We are giving away 20 family tickets to a crazy fun VIP evening, which will be celebrated on Monday, June 10th starting at 4pm. Part of the program is still hush-hush… but Leo will be jamming along, of course! And he’ll be spinning popcorn, his own favorite juice and a little surprise gift for each guest!

    Enter and win VIP tickets to the opening event on June 10th starting at 4pm

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    20 ticket packages will be drawn, each containing max 5 admissions for both adults and children. Tickets to the VIP evening are not sold separately.

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    Leo's Tripla opens on June 11th at 10 AM!

    HopLop Pasila is transforming into Leo’s Leikkimaa Tripla! VIP grand opening will be held on Monday, June 10th, 2024. Doors officially open to the public on Tuesday, June 11th at 10 am, and from then on, every day will be an adventure! Welcome all friends and friends of friends!

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