• On Tuesdays, bounce around for a bargain price of €13.90

    Offer from Leo's & HopLop Family

    Get the whole family moving!

    Tuesday’s are buzzing with action now! Rush in with full enthusiasm and grab your ticket at a discounted price. You can only get Tuesday tickets for €13.90 from our online store, and while you’re at it, book your playtime too. Don’t forget to share the tip with your friends and bounce into the park together!

    Grab the deal now!

    You can take advantage of the Sports Day benefit by booking playtime online. By reserving playtime in advance, we automatically create a membership for you, where we store your tickets and reservations. So, head to the booking system and grab a slot for Tuesday playtime. This way, you get to exercise and play at a particularly affordable price! Please note that this offer cannot be combined with other discounts, and there may be local variations. The offer is not valid on holidays and peak days.

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