• Scholarship - recognition for courage and friendship!

    HopLop & Leo's Scholarship

    Do you know that first-grader who shines with courage and fair play? The one who always jumps eagerly into new adventures and takes all their friends along? Well, now they have a chance to get recognition and a prize – with the HopLop & Leo’s Young Rascal Scholarship!

    What is HopLop & Leo's Scholarship?

    The Scholarship is awarded to a first-grader chosen by the school. The scholarship aims to acknowledge a student who always bravely ventures into trying new things with enthusiasm and considers their peers in the spirit of fair play. HopLop & Leo’s want to be a part of supporting a good start to the academic journey. In addition to the scholarship itself, the student receives a surprise: a ticket granting access to either HopLop or Leo’s park.

    Who gets the scholarship?

    The HopLop & Leos Scholarship is awarded to a first-grader selected by the school. The student should:

    • Be brave and excited to try new things
    • Consider their friends and play fairly
    • Set an example for others with their positive attitude

    How to apply the Scholarship?

    Applying is a piece of cake! Just fill out the application form on HopLop’s website before April 30, 2024, and you’re done. We’ll be delivering the scholarships to schools throughout May.

    We know there are those brave and cheerful students in every classroom who make school days more enjoyable for everyone. Now it’s their chance to earn recognition for their courage and kindness!

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