• It's party time for the birthday heroes now!

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    Birthdays are the most thrilling adventure of the year! You’ve got your cool pals, favorite treats, and a whirlwind of activities spanning the entire adventure park. There are options to fit your budget – and a pro-tip: weekdays mean more bang for your buck, starting from just €14.90/child.

    Quick bookers get a surprise gift: the hero gets their very own Monthly Pass! Make your reservation between April 16th and May 26th, 2024, and party whenever suits you. We’ll hand over the Monthly Pass on the party day, so birthdays get a 30-day extension!

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    Good to know about Monthly pass

    All of this is part of the birthday party!

    Birthdays are tailored to the hero's wishes: a favorite-themed party room for an hour, delicious treats, and the whole park is filled with adventure!

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    Party without planning! Let's celebrate without the hassle!

    And that’s how it’s supposed to go down: you party, we handle the arrangements. Make your reservation conveniently online, and bam, it’s sorted. And hey, if things change or you’ve got new ideas, no worries! You can easily tweak your booking up to 5 days before the festivities kick off.

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