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    At Leo’s, we want kids to be active and spend as little time as possible in front of screens. That’s why we’re now offering a discount on Xplora smartwatches for Leo’s & HopLop Family members.

    Xplora smartwatches don’t have internet access or social media, making them perfect for kids over 4 years old. The watches are designed specifically for the needs of children and their parents. Safety and cherishing childhood are Xplora’s core values, and this is reflected in both the functionality and technology of their products.

    X6Play – premium-smartwatch

    The X6Play: The award-winning Xplora smartwatch, now even better! The X6Play is premium model, packed with features that kids and parents will love. It’s more powerful than its predecessor, and it can be personalized with fun and colorful accessories to match your child’s unique style. With a variety of colorful wristbands and frames to choose from, there are over 3400 possible combinations!

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    XGO3 – Safe Steps for Your Little One's Digital Journey

    XGO3-watch phone is the perfect choice for a child’s first phone, guiding them safely into the digital world. The watch is packed with the most popular Xplora features – at a more affordable price. The perfect choice for a child’s first phone.

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    Xplora Activity Platform

    Xplora: Get kids moving and reduce screen time! Our activity platform motivates kids to get active and play every day. Every Xplora watch phone also works as a pedometer, counting the steps taken each day. On the activity platform, steps are converted into coins that can be used to make purchases in the auction, play games, or download new ringtones and watch faces for the watch. The platform also offers fun activities such as coloring pages and e-books.

    App for the parent

    Xplora’s smartwatches work closely with the guardian app. In the app, you can set who your child can contact and manage various functions of the watch. You can also track your child’s movements and set up safety zones. You’ll always receive a notification on the app when your child enters or leaves a safety zone. Additionally, you can schedule alarms and reminders in the app and set the watch to school mode. In school mode, the watch functions as a regular wristwatch and won’t disturb during classes.


    In Xplora smartwatches, there’s no access to the internet or social media. With the internet and social media, kids might end up sitting around more, which takes away from playing and being active. Plus, there’s a lot of inappropriate content online that kids might stumble upon unintentionally. Xplora wants to give kids the chance to be kids for as long as possible.


    Only the contacts defined in the Guardian app can be reached through the watch. This way, strangers can’t contact your child and your child can’t accidentally call or text the wrong number.


    With Xplora’s guardian app, you can set up safe zones for your child. These zones can be around your home, school, or anywhere else you want. You’ll always get a notification in the app when your child enters or leaves a safe zone. You can also see your child’s location in real time in the app, which gives both parents and children a greater sense of security.


    Xplora’s smartwatches come with an SOS function that kicks in by holding down the side button. Then the watch starts calling the guardians in alphabetical order until one of them answers. This feature also works during school hours, ensuring that the child always has a way to reach out to their parents.