Play rules

    Adventure without worries. Safety is our top priority!

    The park is full of thrills and wild adventures, but we never compromise on safety or play rules! Every activity is carefully designed so that even the smallest adventurers can enjoy them safely. No worries, just have fun! Unforgettable adventures await! Please read the play rules before your visit.

    Play rules

    Let’s play together
    Parents are responsible for supervising their children throughout the visit. It’s good to discuss the play rules with the kids beforehand.

    Always wear socks
    For safety and hygiene reasons, everyone should wear socks while exploring the park, both kids and adults.

    The Restaurant Awaits
    When hunger or thirst strikes, our restaurant is here to serve you. Your own food is not allowed, except for water bottles. You can bring food for babies under 1 year old. Eat and drink in the restaurant area, don’t bring food to the playarea.

    Safe activities
    Activities are specially designed for children with safety in mind. Some activities may be tight or low for adults, so caution is advised. But the age of play is from zero to a hundred, so everyone is welcome to join in!

    There are play instructions for each activity: go through them together with your child. Please note that climbing on nets and going up slides is prohibited.

    A special play area for the little ones
    Children under 4 years old have their own play area where toddlers can safely explore with adult supervision.

    Storage for outdoor clothing
    You can leave your outdoor clothing and shoes in the cloakroom or in lockers for a fee. The park is not responsible for clothing, shoes, or valuables.

    Keep your pockets empty
    Sharp objects should not be kept in pockets or clothing to prevent harm to children or others.

    Rules apply to everyone
    Staff have the right to remove children and adults from the park who endanger the safety of others or do not follow our rules and guidelines.

    We do not accept cash in our parks
    We accept all major credit and debit cards as payment. This allows for a quick and secure payment method and makes it easier for our customers to do business with us.

    Guidelines for safe play

    Wait for your turn. Only one person at a time on the trampoline. Performing somersaults is prohibited. Stop your momentum before leaving the jumping area.

    Race track (only at HopLop)
    Queue calmly. Walk directly to your car and watch out for other traffic. Keep your feet inside the car’s safety bar. Follow the direction of travel and maintain a safe distance. Children under 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

    Climb up using the handholds. Slide down only from the slide. Running down from the volcano is not allowed. Watch out for other climbers.

    Wait for your turn. Make sure the slide is empty before sliding. Slide one at a time: sitting down, feet first, and hands on your chest. Do not slow down using your hands. Walking or climbing on the slide is not allowed.

    HopLop Donut Slide and Leo’s Tubby Slide: Slide down one at a time. Keep your hands and feet inside the donut.

    Toddler Area
    The play area is reserved for little adventurers only. Children over 4 years old play in the big area.